Tissue Repair and Stem Cells

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Tissue Repair and Stem Cells


5 thoughts on “Tissue Repair and Stem Cells

  1. Which DNA remains in the stem cells after they are assimilated into new tissue with different genetic material?

    • Mike, that’s a good question! In fact, all the DNA in the stem cells remains in the new tissue. Stem cells contain the same genetic material as the tissues they assimilate into. In fact, all cells in the body (except ova, sperm, and red blood cells) have the same DNA. It’s just expressed differently in different types of cells.
      The “expression” of DNA happens through the production of specific proteins. If I can suggest a metaphor, different cells might be thought of as different kinds of shoppers in a grocery store. The grocery store contains a very large variety of food products (like all the DNA in the nucleus of a cell), but a particular shopper only buys some of it for their food (specific cells only produce certain proteins).
      The rest of the DNA in the cell is turned off; that is, it is not used for making protein unless some signal from the outside (like a hormone, for example) causes it to turn back on.

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