Did You Know? Diabetes

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Did You Know? Diabetes


2 thoughts on “Did You Know? Diabetes

  1. Hello, have you looked into stem cells therapy? It seems to be very good: my friend worksin a clinic in Mexico where they give embryonic stem cells treatment and she told me they get better result than anything else… What’s your thought about this kind of treatment? Most people that i talk with are scared because it’s so new!

    • I checked out the ad and it looks a bit like stem-cell snake-oil. You can check out another blog in this site on stem cells: https://caringforyourbody.org/2013/05/26/what-are-stem-cells/

      Frankly, while stem cells can develop into functional tissue in the proper environment, they also have a high risk of developing into cancer cells, which would not be a good outcome for therapy. This is still a highly experimental procedure and should be carried out in a setting in which risks are clearly outlined. That wouldn’t be in a clinic in Mexico.

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